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Aimia delivers a full suite of marketing communications programs. We combine customer behavior with program, transactional and household demographic data. Our programs have the ability to target consumers based on where they actually spend, to deliver relevant, customer centric marketing across all sectors. We unlock powerful insight to create meaningful marketing communications programs.

Our capabilities include:

Fully integrated campaign management systems: SKU level propensity modeling enables us to plan and deliver award winning insight driven programs by targeting relevant customers where and when using the most effective channel.

Self Serve: Our proprietary tool enables retailers and their vendors to proactively manage their business by identifying their customers’ changing habits as they happen. This level of market intelligence enables timely, relevant, and targeted product communications and promotional offers directed to specific customer segments or store formats.  In addition we offer bespoke innovative analysis for a wide range of global retailers to support the client’s vision and strategy.

Card-Linked Marketing: While not compromising privacy, we provide a unique advertising platform that delivers targeted marketing recommendations to customers based on their past purchase history.

Social Loyalty: Real Relationships that power ROI

At Aimia we have the expertise to develop the right strategy to engage, retain and motivate your audience. We have developed social loyalty programs for many of the leading global brands including Aeroplan, Nectar, P&G and Kellogg’s to develop real, rewarding and long-term relationships for brands with customers.

Our experienced market-leading social media team has worked with PepsiCo, Mondelez and the BBC to deliver successful campaigns. Social integration is not just Facebook and Twitter platforms. Customer loyalty is more than achieving short-term campaign goals and delivering ROI. Social and Loyalty are driven by human emotion.

Social Integration is:

Real – Aimia achieves your business goals by fostering social relationships that customers value. Familiarity and engagement inspire loyalty and advocacy.

Rewarding – Aimia is uniquely placed to pioneer Social Loyalty. We combine traditional loyalty mechanisms with social to reward customer advocacy in social and in-store behavior.

Intimate – Aimia’s proprietary loyalty programs show you what your customers want. We personalize your customer messages and offers.

We work with you to test and learn to:

Optimize the performance of your existing social channels
Measure and developing your social ROI
Test innovations and develop Social Loyalty with your customers.

Mobile plays an increasingly important role driving, enabling and shaping Loyalty; and it is a channel we embrace as the “remote control of consumers’ lives”. At Aimia we make sense of this dynamic space and help our clients to deliver a new generation of loyalty programs.

As the worlds of mobile, loyalty, and commerce collide the landscape is becoming crowded. Consumers rely on smartphones, tablets and other connected devices 24/7 to enhance their experience with brands and retailers. Mobile offers us a way to connect with consumers; to ensure our relationships become real and more immediate.

At Aimia we adopt a Mobile Forward approach to loyalty program design. Mobile technology is reshaping how we do business. In retail, mobile is a change agent throughout the customer journey; from research and discovery, to in-store experience, to points, coupons and vouchers, through payment to post purchase. Outside of retail, engaging and useful mobile apps are ensuring providers develop meaningful relationships with their customers.

The characteristics of mobile are shaping loyalty for the better; helping us ensure our programs reach consumers with greater relevance and context mobile in an important part of an Aimia loyalty program. At Aimia we understand the intricacies of mobile technology opportunities in diverse markets. We are able to advise on mobile usage trends, handset adoption, uptake / growth potential of new mobile technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the impact this may have on a market, a vertical or a brand. We have a team of experts who can advise on how to ensure mobile is a successful part of a loyalty program.

The Aimia Communications Platform leverages world-class technology and expert business services to help organizations deliver timely, relevant and engaging communications that drive deeper, more profitable customer relationships. Pre-built data models, workflows and campaign templates designed on top of IBM’s Marketing Solutions Suite help clients implement and realize value faster than ever. And Aimia’s highly skilled resources help your teams scale up production more quickly and cost efficiently. Deliver the right message to the right customer through the right channel across the enterprise, with help from the Aimia Communications Platform.

  • Standardized data models reduce time needed to map and optimize customer data for campaign use

  • Established workflows and extensive template library streamline the campaign process for faster turn times

  • Shared services model provides expert, scalable campaign execution that helps reduce cost per campaign

  • Platform technology is owned and managed by Aimia, eliminating the need for clients to own and maintain their own costly systems

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Aimia Communication Systems: Helping you talk to your customers the way they want you to.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the process of bringing technology, analytics, customer lifecycle, marketing and channels together to form a singular view of the customer to match their needs with products and offerings. This allows for strategic consideration of the message, delivery and channel.

At Aimia we understand the importance of an effective campaign. Our strength lies in our experience to plan, design and deliver CRM campaigns across all channels and in our ability to measure ROI. We believe that the framework of a successful campaign is the design, delivery and optimization. Starting by deriving a business objective and setting goals we gain insight to influence and change customer behavior. The process is iterative and evolves as we continue to learn about the customer.

An impactful CRM program is one that simultaneously draws from the perspectives of marketing and analytics to develop campaign design and optimization.  To ensure the overall success of the program, we continue to test and learn at each stage of development and we evaluate throughout the process and adjust as required to maximize resources and revenue.

We focus on maximizing your ROI. We understand each campaign has different end goals — brand engagement, acquisition, retention, winning customers back, monetizing data through vendor product offerings or increasing value of existing customers. Our objective is to ensure measurable results as we implement each segment of the strategy to increase your ROI.

An effectively designed campaign will:

  1. Enable you to identify and target your best customers, generate leads, manage marketing campaigns and increase sales and traffic via campaign management and customer lifecycle analytics
  2. Allow you to cultivate individualized relationships with customers to improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits; identify the most profitable customers to provide them with the highest level of service –> 1:1 marketing.
  3. Provide employees with the necessary information to know their customers, understand and identify their needs and effectively build relationships between you, your customers and partners.

The key success factors critical to optimizing the CRM strategy:

  • Experimental Design – the science behind your ability to test, learn, track, measure and optimize each CRM initiative

  • Measurement Best Practice – align each lifecycle stage with the core objective and effective measurement practices to monitor progress

  • Supporting Analytics – the foundation of any CRM program describes the customer, predicts behavior and is prescriptive to optimize their value

  • Results Interpretation – not just the what, but the why and what it means for your business

  • Appropriate Action – acting on the insights to influence and change customer behaviour

At Aimia our Analytics, Strategy and Creative teams work together throughout the cycle to implement the design and to monitor the customer relationship and customer engagement to maximize ROI. This is a continuous process from concept and at every stage of the delivery.