Groupe Aeroplan Takes Green Commitment Global Through New Partnership with Offsetters

///Groupe Aeroplan Takes Green Commitment Global Through New Partnership with Offsetters
Groupe Aeroplan Takes Green Commitment Global Through New Partnership with Offsetters 2017-11-15T20:06:44+00:00

Donates 2,010,000 Aeroplan Miles in recognition of new 2010 partnership

MONTREAL, Jan. 18 /CNW Telbec/ – Groupe Aeroplan Inc. (TSX: AER) today announced a new strategic partnership with Offsetters, a leading Canadian provider of high quality climate solutions that will help the company expand its environmental commitment beyond Canada. To celebrate this new partnership, Groupe Aeroplan is contributing 2,010,000 Aeroplan Miles for carbon offsets, equivalent to reducing 853 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions or removing 163 cars from the road.

The offsets redeemed by Aeroplan Canada Members in the first quarter of 2010 will go towards Offsetters’ 2010 Legacy Portfolio-a blended portfolio of high quality BC-based clean technology projects and international Gold Standard offset projects.

“When Aeroplan Canada launched its Carbon Offset Program in 2007, it was the loyalty industry’s first program to encourage members to offset their travel rewards and reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities,” said Rupert Duchesne, President and Chief Executive Officer, Groupe Aeroplan. “We look forward to working with Offsetters to develop our environmental programs. Offsetters will help bring us to the next level with our commitment to environmental stewardship through the expansion of our green initiatives to our companies around the world.”

Recognized as Canada’s top provider of carbon offsets by public and private sector organizations, Offsetters has led the way in carbon management in Canada. Founded in 2005, Offsetters creates permanent emissions reductions through carbon offsets that promote the adoption of new, low emissions or renewable energy technology. For Groupe Aeroplan, Offsetters will provide high quality carbon offsets for the corporate footprint as well as member-driven programs and initiatives.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Groupe Aeroplan. They have truly shown a continued commitment and desire to work towards reducing climate impact,” said James Tansey, CEO and co-founder of Offsetters. “Working with a partner with global reach, such as Groupe Aeroplan, gives us greater potential to educate and engage businesses and consumers about the role offsetting can play in creating a cleaner more sustainable environment.”

In Canada, Aeroplan’s Carbon Offset program was created as part of its Green it Up program to enable members to use Aeroplan Miles to buy carbon credits to offset the emissions generated by their air travel, car rentals and everyday activities. Members can visit www.aeroplan.com/offset to offset their carbon footprint and have Aeroplan match all miles redeemed by members by 20 per cent. Aeroplan then transfers the total sum to Offsetters to invest in new, energy efficiency and fuel switching projects around the world. Members can redeem 3,500, 7,500 or 15,000 Aeroplan Miles for carbon offsets. For 7,500 Aeroplan Miles, members can offset 3.2 tonnes of greenhouse gases, equivalent to approximately 1 transcontinental two-way flight or one year of driving a small car. Aeroplan also offsets all flights and car rentals for the charitable organizations it supports through the Beyond Miles program.

To date, Aeroplan Canada and its members have redeemed more than 56 million Aeroplan Miles for carbon credits. Aeroplan also offers more than 40 eco-friendly rewards that members can redeem miles for that include housewares, games, fashion and travel accessories. Since its inception in 2007, Aeroplan Members have redeemed more than 30 million miles for green rewards.

Since 2007, Groupe Aeroplan has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent international effort that collects high quality carbon footprint information from corporations worldwide and has offset 100 per cent of its corporate carbon footprint worldwide. In addition, Groupe Aeroplan also supports the environment through its endorsement of the Copenhagen Communiqué, an initiative for a strong and effective UN climate framework.

For more information about Aeroplan’s Green It Up program, please visit: www.groupeaeroplan.com and click on ‘Social Responsibility’ or to offset, visit www.aeroplan.com/offset.

About Offsetters

As Canada’s first and leading carbon management provider, Offsetters helps individuals and companies understand, reduce, track and offset their climate impact – in that order. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Offsetters is the first ever Official Supplier of Carbon Offsets to an Olympic Games and will be providing the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) with carbon credits sourced from clean technologies developed in Canada and from international Gold Standard projects. In 2009, Offsetters was also selected by the Pacific Carbon Trust as the largest initial supplier of carbon offsets to the BC Crown Corporation. For more information go to www.offsetters.ca.

About Groupe Aeroplan Inc.

Groupe Aeroplan Inc. is the global leader in loyalty management. Groupe Aeroplan owns Aeroplan, Canada’s premier loyalty program, Carlson Marketing, an international loyalty marketing services, engagement and events provider headquartered in the US, as well as Nectar, the United Kingdom’s leading coalition loyalty program. In the Gulf Region, Groupe Aeroplan owns 60 per cent of Rewards Management Middle East, the operator of Air Miles programs in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. Groupe Aeroplan also operates LMG Insight & Communication, a customer-driven insight and data analytics business offering international services to retailers and their suppliers.

For more information about Groupe Aeroplan, please visit www.groupeaeroplan.com.

Christa Poole, (416) 352-3745, christa.poole@aeroplan.com; Kari Grist, (604) 699-2657, kari@offsetters.ca