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Aimia is a global organization – which means that there are some important things you’ll find in every Aimia office, anywhere in the world.

  • A common set of PASSION values: Partnership, Authenticity, Strong Opinions – Loosely held, Simplicity, Inclusiveness, Originality, Nimbleness.

  • Great clients to work with.

  • Optimism for the future – what we call ‘belief in possibility’.

  • People who care about your development and lots of opportunities to learn.

  • Lots of genuine opportunities to get involved in social causes where your skills and enthusiasm
    will make an impact outside Aimia too.

  • But we don’t go overboard with centralised command and control.

That’s why we’re organised along business lines – so people can keep focused on what’s really going to make a difference in their area. And whilst being unmistakably Aimia, our offices reflect the local flavour – because we value consistency over conformity.


Each of us is different. Bringing people together with a range of skillsets, different ways of thinking, varied backgrounds – as well as the things we often think of as ‘diversity’ (gender, age, ethnicity, disability and so on) – in an atmosphere where all these aspects of difference are welcomed, gives us a tangible competitive advantage. Not least because we believe it will attract great talent (like you!) to join us.


  • At Aimia you can expect to be valued as an individual with a unique set of strengths.
  • We take active steps to understand unconscious bias and help mitigate its influence on decisions about you, whether in recruitment, promotion, pay or anything else.
  • We care much more about what you do than where or when you do it, so we promote ‘nimble’ working – everything from fun, agile workspaces to a flexible approach to your working hours.
  • If you’re a parent, or become one, we’ll help you to balance your work and home life so you can pursue your career ambitions at the pace you’d like them to progress.
  • We actively encourage networks which enable people to connect, speak up and gain mutual support.
  • Whilst we don’t believe in quotas, we do believe in aspirational targets; for without these – backed by strategies to meet them – we won’t get where we want to get to quickly enough​.


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Recognizing that a healthy and pleasant work environment contributes to employee satisfaction, we devote a great deal of thought to our workplaces. We strive to create spaces that are as environmentally sound as they are safe and efficient. Equally important, we design spaces that ignite our people’s creativity and passion. This is, after all, where we expect employees to give their very best.