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Mittleman Brothers Inc.

Mittleman Investment Management, LLC (“MIM”) is an SEC-registered investment adviser that provides discretionary portfolio management to institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. MIM pursues superior returns through long-term investments in what it deems to be severely undervalued securities, while maintaining its focus on limiting risk. MIM seeks to mitigate risk, which it defines as the probability of the long-term loss of capital, by investing in businesses that are proven franchises with durable economic advantages, evidenced by a well-established track record of substantial free cash flow generation over complete business cycles, and only when the very low valuation at which the investment is made provides a significant margin of safety. MIM employs a concentrated, long-term investment approach, typically holding between 10 and 20 positions. Investments are made globally, with the historical average of foreign holdings representing approximately 40% of the strategy. Unconstrained by capitalization parameters, MIM gravitates towards smaller market cap companies where the firm has identified the greatest disparities between market price and its proprietary estimate of fair value. Large cap companies are also considered, but only when priced attractively enough to warrant inclusion in the strategy. MIM believes its ability to go wherever the best risk/reward ratios appear to be available, in companies small and large, domestic and international, is a distinct advantage over other investment managers which operate within a more restrictive investment universe.

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