Aimia Becomes a Founding Member of the Montreal-Based Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO)

/Aimia Becomes a Founding Member of the Montreal-Based Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO)
Aimia Becomes a Founding Member of the Montreal-Based Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) 2017-11-15T21:08:52+00:00


Pledge to create the first hub for data philanthropy in Canada

Montreal, April 20, 2016 – Aimia Inc. (TSX: AIM), a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company, announced today that it has become a founding member of the Montreal-based Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), which aims to bring together industry professionals and academic researchers to develop cutting-edge expertise in data science. Aimia will benefit from IVADO’s world-class research capabilities to support its business.

“Our collaboration with IVADO will accelerate the continuous improvement of our data-driven innovations and applications, supporting our work to provide advanced analytics capabilities to our clients and loyalty coalition partners,” said Marc Trudeau, Senior Vice-President, Loyalty Design and Optimization at Aimia. “We’re truly excited to have IVADO as a partner to explore new ways of leveraging and applying data analytics in marketing and related business disciplines, such as loyalty programs and customer experience delivery. We intend to pursue opportunities to deepen and extend our collaboration, thus contributing to and benefiting from IVADO’s rich data-driven innovation ecosystem for years to come.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with a company that’s delivering analytics and insights to a global client base and that’s committed to constantly remaining at the forefront of new technologies and evolving data analytics to create new possibilities for marketing,” said Valérie Bécaert, Executive Director at IVADO. “We welcome Aimia’s desire to share its social purpose spirit with the whole community. The future hub for Data Philanthropy that Aimia will help us build will certainly help foster networking and career opportunities for our students, promote the culture of philanthropy and create social value.”

IVADO’s flexible approach of enforcing openness and reducing intellectual property barriers is highly valued by corporate partners, including Aimia, since this ensures that ideas flow rapidly and that the combined efforts of the academic and private sectors have more of a systemic impact to achieve a significant socio-economic impact from data-driven innovation.

Left to right : Aimia : Michael Poyser, VP, Analytics; Anne-Josée Laquerre, Director, Social Purpose and Corporate Sustainability; Alden Hadwen, Director, Community Engagement; IVADO : Valérie Bécaert, Executive Director, IVADO;  Aimia : Audrey Yung, Analyst, Strategy & Planning and, IVADO ambassador and, Vince Timpano, President, Americas Coalitions

First Hub for Data Philanthropy in Canada

As part of the partnership, Aimia and IVADO are committed to creating, in the coming years and in an academic context, a hub for data philanthropy. This hub will aim to enable students from HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal to collaborate with data science experts at Aimia and the business community to support non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

Inspired by the award-winning model of Data Philanthropy at Aimia, the desired hub for data philanthropy will provide data analytic services and extract trends and concrete information on which non-profit organizations and social enterprises can base their decision-making and marketing activities. It will also aim to provide students with industry mentors, access to real-world data, opportunities to use their skills to help charities drive improvements in their operations, fundraising and recruiting, as well as participating in tackling local and global issues that charities and social economy players aim to solve.

Since 2012, Aimia’s data philanthropy work has supported more than 45 charities, driving hundreds of delivery model insights, helping secure funding and improving outcomes for the beneficiaries of a growing portfolio of supported charities. From this work, Aimia realized that the need for data analytics within organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, is constantly growing, and surpasses what Aimia could offer. This is where the idea of a more sustainable and lasting initiative arises: to respond to this strongly present need in communities around the globe. Aimia’s data philanthropy work was gratifyingly recognized over the past year. In 2015, Aimia received the Guardian Sustainable Business Award for Social Impact, the Lord Mayor’s Award for ‘Future Proofing Charities’ and two Corporate Engagement Awards – Gold in the ‘Most innovative collaboration’ category and Silver in ‘Best pro bono work for charitable, social or ethical cause’.

About Aimia

Aimia Inc. (TSX:AIM) is a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company. We provide our clients with the customer insights they need to make smarter business decisions and build relevant, rewarding and long-term one-to-one relationships, evolving the value exchange to the mutual benefit of both our clients and consumers.

Aimia partners with groups of companies (coalitions) and individual companies to help generate, collect and analyze customer data and build actionable insights.

We do this through our own coalition loyalty programs such as Aeroplan in Canada, Nectar in the UK, and Air Miles Middle East, and through provision of loyalty strategy, program development, implementation and management services underpinned by leading products and technology platforms such as the Aimia Loyalty Platform and Smart Button, and through our analytics and insights business, including Intelligent Shopper Solutions. In other markets, we own stakes in loyalty programs, such as Club Premier in Mexico and Think Big, a partnership with Air Asia and Tune Group. Our clients are diverse, and we have industry-leading expertise in the fast-moving consumer goods, retail, financial services, and travel and airline industries globally to deliver against their unique needs.

For a full list of our partnerships and investments, and more information about Aimia, visit http://www.aimia.com.


The IVADO, founded by Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal aims to bring together industry professionals and academic researchers to develop cutting-edge expertise in data science, operational research and artificial intelligence. In essence, the IVADO creates opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaborations between the specialists, partners, researchers and students in its network.

The objective of the IVADO is to be the link between academic expertise and the business needs of organizations, from international corporations to start-ups. With over 900 affiliated scientists (researchers, post-docs, PhD candidates and research associates), the IVADO is an advanced multidisciplinary centre for knowledge in sectors including statistics, business intelligence, deep learning, applied mathematics, data-mining and cybersecurity.


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